The Benefits of Creating Wills Online

People face some tough times when it comes to creating wills and testaments. But it does not have to be so if you understand the process of creating wills online and validating the same to protect your properties. Why are others still struggling with the importance of having a will? Those who are ready don’t know where to start. 

You may not even have the time to sit with an attorney and prepare the will’s contents. But digitization has removed that obstacle by making it possible to create wills online and still execute them as valid documents. On the other hand, people shy away from writing a will because they feel it may be too costly. But the case is different with the creation of wills online, as it saves you all the stress and cost of paperwork. 

Is there a doubt about the importance of creating a will online and avoiding the issues of sudden death? Your children, spouse and family often need legal backing to transfer properties regardless of your level of wealth. This article will centrally focus on the benefits of creating a will online and how to execute it accordingly. 

Importance of Writing a Will Online

Even if you don’t consider making a will a priority, after reading this article, we hope we can change your mind for good. Spending half an hour on a matter that gives you peace of mind once and for all appears to be a good deal. In terms of the cost, a small investment in writing a will online is cheaper than several meetings with an attorney before you arrive at your final testament. Let us begin to state the clear benefits of creating wills online.

  1. Perfect Convenience

Writing a will online is as convenient as it can get when it comes to the ease of creation, editing and collection. You may choose a template where you must fill in the relevant details and review them. Then, you can take your time to add any information that you so wish to include. However, when it comes to the presentation of your papers, you may only need to meet with your attorney once to present all necessary documents and execute the will.

After the submission, you only need to pay an extra token if you need to edit anything. Moreover, you can take the do-it-yourself route to do the will online. At Chamberlains, we guide you to help you navigate your topics and choices to match your decision. 

  1. It saves you cost

If you call on an attorney to prepare a physical will for you, it may cost nothing less than $1000. Depending on your level of wealth and status of properties, you may not be willing to part with such an amount. But writing will online cost you far less than that; at least, it does not involve any paper cost or going to your attorney severally. You only need to visit Chamberlains and create the will online. So, you get to save expenses for transport, printing and processing papers and calling your attorney. When picking your online wills firm, avoid extremely cheap sites and attorneys who may only take advantage of your innocence on legal matters.

  1. Protection for your loved ones

One thing that Tupac Shakur, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jnr have in common is the absence of a will for their real estate. You don’t have to subject your family members, including your spouse and children, to heartache after your demise. Take advantage of creating wills online to secure the future and protect the rights of your loved ones. A property as little as a single real estate can cause real problems without a legal conveyance document.

Many would-be beneficiaries may be unaware of their legal rights if it is not clearly stated. But with the convenience of online wills, you can assure your heirs of peace of mind. Choosing a reputable site gives you confidence that they are in good hands. Creating wills online allows you to give gifts and donations to any beneficiary you choose while avoiding discrediting claims. 

  1. Online support is available

When you choose to write a will online, you also have the opportunity to ask questions from an online support team. This team can readily supply all the guidance without any extra cost. Even if you have to pay a token for any help, it is still cheaper than spending hours going back and forth with an attorney. Knowing that consultation with an attorney costs not a tiny amount, anyone should choose the online route since it provides the same expert knowledge to achieve your goals. 

  1. Access to Legal expertise

The most critical factor in creating a valid will online is the ability to secure the services of a professional attorney. At chamberlains, we have a team of experienced and expert lawyers who will closely examine your wills online to ensure there are no loopholes. Even if you have to make an update, the initial will remains active and valid until you execute the newest update. By so doing, there is no vacuum in the process. More importantly, we ensure that your will as a legal document aligns with the fundamental requirements of Australian laws without needing a conventional law firm. 

  1. Access to information, education and other special deals

When you register with us at Chamberlains, you can access all the information you need for the will. In addition, you can access the wealth of experience of our experts with all their educational resources. Also, we can supply you with regular newsletters that regularly answer the questions you may have and help you prepare for life. Depending on the season and status, you may also get special offers and discounts on many of our packages. 


Finally, creating wills online is cheaper, easier and more readily adaptable for adjustments without invalidating the document. As a top law firm in Australia, we protect our clients in every way we can and ensure they get the best quality of service. Check out our critical services on how to create wills online. 

What happens when there are no wills online? Using the Intestacy

Not everyone who passes on gets the opportunity to prepare a valid will before they do. But what happens when the deceased did not leave any will behind to secure the apportioning of his properties? Another term assumes there is no valid will on the ground. This article will discuss in detail what intestacy is and how it is applied in such cases.

What is an Intestacy?

Intestacy is a term used for the situation where a person dies without leaving behind a online will. The person is said to die intestate. Since the online will would have stated what is to be done with the person’s will and who gets what, the intestacy steps in to perform the same function. It is not a complicated term, nor does it require interpretation. The state’s intestacy laws assume the responsibility of apportioning the deceased property where there are no wills. 

However, this law varies from one state to another, but there are general terms that combine them. For instance, most state laws agree that any property under the intestacy should be passed down to any surviving spouse or children. But the equation is often not as simple as that sounds. For example, what if the deceased has no surviving relatives or requires a complicated legal process to establish some deserving family members? 

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It becomes the responsibility of the state to determine the best beneficiary for the property and begin the distribution as stated by the law.

The responsibility of the state

Executing a will could be a simple process when all the expectations are met but managing an intestacy could be dicey. When there is no will to direct a state on how to distribute the deceased’s assets, then the state must use the intestacy. The first intestacy process is transferring total support to the state. Then the probate court assumes the process of determining the best beneficiaries to gain the assets and possessions. 

At the same time, this process may be extended, stressful, or even emotionally draining for the grieved ones. But the intestacy laws are still the best tools to distribute the deceased’s assets most reasonably. Note also that the state cannot entirely use the prerogative to share the assets precisely the way the owner would have wanted. What brings the situation is the fact that the owner never made a will ahead of his death.

In other words, dying intestate may leave out your loved ones in dire need, a decision you may not have wanted. Also, describing one’s wishes without putting them on paper as an official will is simply a recipe for disaster after the person’s departure. No matter the level of understanding the deceased’s family may want to produce as proof, the probate court will choose the intestate path if there are no wills created online or physically. 

Meanwhile, the probate court can also be emotionally draining, taxing, time-consuming, cost-sapping and stressful for any loved one. The legal costs and the financial burden of the probate court are reasons why some people will never pick that option. The entire expenses of this procedure will be deducted from your estate assets before the rest are handed over to the beneficiaries. Ultimately, whoever gets the property does not get it in full.

Escape Intestacy – Get a Will online

As we have discussed intestacy and its use, you should have gathered that it is an avoidable case. If intestacy is what comes into the picture if a deceased does not leave a will behind, then the number one solution to prevent it is by creating a Will. Some people find it quite upsetting to talk about what will happen after their death. But for your loved ones that you want to protect, then do it. 

Dying intestate can leave these loved ones in a more difficult position than you would have thought. Intestate is not only capable of birthing some very frustrating legal consequences, but it can also lead to conflict within the family of the deceased. Many family members will disagree when they learn that the deceased did not leave a will behind. Each people may begin to vie for some of the assets. Even when the state finally rules, some of them may still disagree. 

On the other hand, other people will take the matter up with the probate court to interfere with the judgment or dispute them. If you don’t want any of such drama when you depart, you should make a will as soon as possible. Moreover, you don’t even have to start by sitting with an attorney and dictating a draft. All you have to do is visit chamberlains and begin to draft a will immediately. We can guide you with some templates that will further make your journey smooth. 

After drafting wills online and you are satisfied, you can submit it for review and get an approved copy you need to sign. Signing a will before two valid witnesses and your attorney makes it a legally binding document. Most wills no longer require legal assistance unless you have a very peculiar case. Otherwise, you can use the do-it-yourself approach to secure the process.

If you do not want your loved ones to suffer after your departure, you should secure them with a legal will. The document is binding by state laws. And any illegal interference from anybody who is not a beneficiary or a stakeholder in the process. It also gives the testator peace of mind that the loved ones are always protected. If you don’t prioritize anything, prioritize creating a will, and you can start online today.


Your responsibility as an author of a will is to create wills that will secure your assets and properties after your demise. The way you take to achieve this is also up to you. But if you fail to take the step and depart, the state will step in to apportion the properties any way they see fit. But it will be too late for you to make any adjustments, won’t it?

What to Put in Wills Online – the Contents of your Will

Are you thinking of writing wills online, but you are not sure of where to start? Here is a simple guide that contains most of the information you may need in a list form. Discussing the essential elements of a will before you begin to write is important. Otherwise, you may make costly mistakes by leaving some crucial elements out or not following the state laws vital for the execution. You will learn what to expect from each stakeholder and what the state laws require from you as a testator or author.

Millions of Australians think that creating wills is difficult, but that is because they have not tried the online route. Creating will online has demystified the problem starting from what to include in the will and the right company to work with. Some people are even discouraged by the bulk of paperwork involved with the conventional way of creating wills. However, this problem is removed when you make an online and follow the stated protocols. 

Some people even think it takes searching through a mountain of bank statements and pension information to accomplish writing wills. But while they may be discouraged by this complex process or expensive legal fees, others create wills online without stress and validate them in no time. You can contact chamberlains to take this stress-free route. They are breaking down this will creation process that summarizes the entire process to be completed in under 15 minutes.

What should you include in Wills Online?

  1. About You

When you decide to take on creating wills online through an online will writing service, then you should take the first step. The first step is to include detailed information about you and your family. Ideally, a will should contain personal and family details, such as

  • Your full name
  • Your home and contact address
  • Your date of birth and not your age
  • Your marital status
  • Your children’s details (names and dates of birth)
  • The details of your pets
  1. Choosing guardians in your will

Any child included in your will below the age of 18 should be assigned to a guardian after your passing. You must clearly state who the guardian is and their roles. This guardian will assume the responsibility of taking care of your children. You can appoint a guardian for your pets to ensure they are well-taken care of after your passing. It is essential not to leave that role out of your will, particularly for your children.

Otherwise, the courts take over that responsibility if you die without appointing a guardian for your children and your pets. And when you leave it to the courts, there may be some complications in the process. For instance, the court may not be able to identify the best person who can take that responsibility rightly. After all, the court may not know this individual as much as you may know them.

Appointing a guardian includes naming the person and supplying the necessary details. The details may include the full name, home address, phone number and email address. Meanwhile, you must inform the guardian of your intention and ensure the person agrees with you. In addition, you may want to appoint a second guardian who will assume the place of a guardian if something goes wrong with the primary guardian. 

What to Put in Wills Online – the Contents of your Will
  1. List out all your financial accounts and properties

You can imagine the cost a family incurs if a person dies without preparing a will, up to thousands of Australian dollars. Part of the cost is required in the court’s process to execute an intestacy in place of a will. Before the rest can be transferred to the best beneficiary that the court appoints, every cost will first be deducted from the properties. On the other hand, part of the estate may also go unclaimed because there is no will. 

In addition, some of the financial accounts, including savings, investments, or pension accounts, may not be accessible because there is no will. Not all persons whose properties end up this way don’t have a will, some of their wills could not be found, or nobody even knew they existed. But those who create wills online have enjoyed the benefit of preventing their family from unnecessary heartaches and losing loved ones. 

The section of your will that contains accounts and properties allows you to list all your properties and assets. When you list them this way, it is easy for the executor to see all your assets efficiently. Add the name of the bank, the type of asset and other vital details for accessibility by the person you appoint.

What to Put in Wills Online – the Contents of your Will
  1. Share your real estate

After listing all your assets, including real estate, you should describe how you want them to be shared. Which family members get what asset, including your spouse, children, and other family members? In addition, you may also decide to include some NGOs or charities as beneficiaries in your final wish or testament. The first or primary beneficiary is the spouse, and after choosing your primary beneficiary, you may proceed to create room for secondary beneficiaries. In this case, you may also have to determine what will happen to the beneficiaries if they die before you.

  1. Decide your will executors

Another vital part of your will when writing online is choosing the person to execute the will. An executor is a person with the primary responsibility of implementing every wish in your will. You may have to provide more than one executor where the secondary executor takes over if something makes the primary executor unavailable. Meanwhile, executors should be people you are comfortable with and can secure the information in your will. As for the online will writing service, it takes only a few minutes to appoint your executor. An executor could be a trusted family member, a bosom friend, a professional or a combination of all three. 


Finally, creating wills online is a simple process where you have to tick a few things, and it’s done. In addition, you may decide to include some gifts to specific family and friends or even charity organizations. It’s a complete option that endears people that deserve to benefit from your will to enjoy. Some common gifts you can include in your will are donations of money and items.